Pyrenees July 2011: Clermont Ferrand to Avranches

Clermont-Ferrand to Avranches – 400 miles

The weather for the tour to date had been hot and sunny but today was the exception. We woke up to a miserable wet day and the decision was taken that there would not be a group ride as everyone knew the destination and so would make their own way there at their own pace.

This applied to everyone but Gaz who despite having a Garmin 550 with the destination programmed in – by Phil – had about as much chance of getting to Avranches as a snowball in hell. Phil was determined that Gaz would have to learn to use his Garmin so sneakily slid out of the car park by another exit and made for the route out of town. Gaz, however, had other ideas and equally sneakily positioned himself on the road out of town, smartly got onto Phil’s tail as he passed and stuck there like a limpet for the rest of the day.

Phil, with Gaz in tow, and Andy all broadly followed the same route which was Aubusson, Gueret, Argenton sur Creuse, Chatillon sur Indre, Loches – where they stopped for lunch – Tours, La Fleche, Vitre, Mont St Michel and finally Avranches.

Kyle, Cat and Taj copped out of a chunk of the X country bit and did the last half by motorway, but again everyone managed to find the final night’s hotel – the Croix D’Or , which was an old coaching inn.

We had a few beers down in the centre of town and then walked back to the hotel for dinner, which was excellent. This was probably the nicest hotel/meal combination of the tour and fitting that we enjoyed it on the last night. There were a variety of silly awards figuratively handed out, but probably the most deserved was Kyle’s award for most improved ride of the year

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