Col de la Madeleine – 1,993m

Location: D213 Pussy to La Chambre (27 miles)

Coordinates: 45.4349649,6.3755076

Ridden: 2010

The pass road starts close to the village of Pussy and climbs steadily up the right hand side of the valley. The road is narrow, there are a number of blind bends and the surface is patchy. However, you are also rewarded with some lovely views up and down the valley. After the village of Celliers, at about the 11 mile mark, the road widens and the surface improves. It’s then a fast run to the summit. The descent starts nicely with the run down to St. Francois Longchamp where there is a typical dreary looking ski resort. From there on the descent to La Chambre is fairly mundane. Although the road is wide to accommodate the coaches bearing skiers, the road surface has suffered from the heavy traffic. The ascent from Pussy is 15 miles at an average of 6.3%. The ascent from La Chambre is 12 miles at an average of 7.7%.