Passo di Giau – 2,233m

Location: SP Del Passo Giau Pocol to Selva di Cadore (14 miles)

Coordinates: 46.4830022,12.0530099

Ridden: 2009 & 2012

This was the 4th pass in our 18 passes in a day ride – preceded by Passo di Falzarego and followed by Forcella Staulanza. From Pocol the road twists and turns as it gradually climbs about 680m in about 4.5 miles to the summit. The general opinion from our group was that the road surface was not as grippy as it appeared. The views from the summit are breathtaking, in all directions. The descent is far steeper, dropping 1,000m in 5 miles with a series of tight bends. Our concensous is it’s better to approach this pass from the Pocol end and descend towards Selva di Cadore.