Passo di Valparola – 2,192m

Location: SP San Cassiano La Villa to Passo di Falzarego (10 miles)

Coordinates: 46.5316319,11.9889219

Ridden: 2009 & 2012

This was the 2nd pass in our 18 passes in a day ride – preceded by Passo di Campolongo and followed by Passo di Falzarego. Riding north from Corvara takes you to La Villa where a right turn takes you onto the Valparola. We thought this was a really nice open road where even the hairpins were nice and wide, although our first experience of the pass was slightly spoiled by some resurfacing at key points. Towards the top you pass some WWI fortifications. Before WWI there was only a rough track but this was turned into a road as part of the need to get supplies and men to the front. Just after the top the road drops down to join the Falzarego.