Passo di Costalunga (aka Karerpass) – 1,752m

Location: SS241 Ponta Nova to Viga di Fassa (14 miles)

Coordinates: 46.4057856,11.6067377

Ridden: 2009

This was the 14th pass in our 18 passes in a day ride – preceded by Passo di Lavaze and followed by Passo di Fedaia. From the Ponta Nova end – also referred to as Birchabruck – the pass climbs in a nice flowing manner up past the Karersee – a beautiful lake on the right hand side. Towards the top there’s a turn left to the Passo Nigra. On the descent to San Giovanni, the road is much tighter. This road has a lot of tourist traffic so again it was beware on blind bends as you could come round and find an oncoming vehicle leaving you with just 3 or 4 feet to spare, or as on the Passo di Rolle, bikes on your side of the road!