Bernina Pass – 2,330m

Location: Route 29 Poschiavo to Pontresina – 20 miles

Coordinates: 46.4107629,10.0266

Ridden: 2009 & 2012

Part of a main north-south artery from Tirano in Italy up to Chur in Switzerland. Best ridden from Poschiavo upwards as this is much the steeper side of the pass, climbing about 1,200m over 10 miles. The northern ramp by comparison climbs only about 600m in the same distance. From Poschiavo you pass through San Carlo where the pass road starts in earnest. A series of wide sweeping bends – some tighter than others but none particularly too tight – takes you to the summit past the entrance to the Forcola di Livigno. From the summit it’s a fast run down to Pontresina with just one tighter section. For most of the route you run close to the main railway line, in some cases sharing the road with the train, which runs right down the middle. Don’t forget to give way!