Susten Pass – 2,224m

Location: Route 11 Wassen to Innertkirchen (28 miles)

Coordinates: 46.7292082,8.4467119

Ridden: 2006 & 2009

The Susten connects Wassen in the canton of Uri, a few miles north of Andermatt, with Innertkirchen in the canton of Bern. From Wassen the pass road, built between 1938 and 1945, climbs 1,308m over 11 miles. While from the Innertkirchen side it climbs 1,602m over 17 miles.

The road from Andermatt to Wassen takes you past Schollenen Gorge. Enclosed by sheer granite walls, its road and railway require several spectacular bridges and tunnels, of which the most famous is a stone bridge known as the Teufelsbrücke – Devil’s Bridge. The story goes that in return for the Devil building the bridge the villagers agreed that he could have the soul of the first person to cross it. The villagers fooled the Devil by sending across a goat.

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