2018 Le Grand-Bornand & Briancon

After our hiatus from touring last year, this year saw us returning to the French Alps for the first time since 2014. Our numbers were a little depleted – down to a trio; Phil, Taj and Kyle – and route planning and hotel booking was left until the eleventh hour. Nevertheless there was a tour and as it transpired what a great tour it was.

We assumed accommodation wouldn’t be a problem as there were only three of us however it appears France gets busy in August with hotels filling up fast, and prices skyrocketing. Who’d have thought? By the end of July though we had an outline plan for the tour, with routes and rides mapped out, and all hotels booked, bar the one for our final stopover. There was one stipulation though, unless deemed impractical autoroutes were strictly off limits.

Our plan was to take the ferry to Calais and initially ride down to Le Grand-Bornand, close to Lake Annecy. On the way we’d stay at Auberge du Bon Fermier in Valenciennes and Hotel Victor Hugo in Besancon. We’d spend a couple of nights in Le Grand-Bornand, staying at Chalet Les Saytels, before moving on to Briancon for a further two nights.

In Briancon we were booked in at the familiar Hotel de la Chaussee and after leaving there our remaining time would be spent heading back up north to Calais. The first night staying at Hotel de Bourgogne in Macon and, as it eventually transpired, the final night at Hotel du Tramway in Laon.

Briancon would be familiar territory and a chance to rediscover some of the iconic mountain passes that we’ve ridden over the years. Le Grand-Bornand on the other hand was new to the itinerary and would provide the opportunity to ride some previously unexplored, yet equally stunning passes and roads.

So for our twelfth tour it would be Phil BMW R1200 GSA, Taj Kawasaki ZZR 1400 and Kyle Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT. Our 9 day trip would see us ride 21 different mountain passes and roads, and cover 2,400 miles.


Sat 4-Aug Bewdley to Valenciennes
Sun 5-Aug Valenciennes to Besancon
Mon 6-Aug Besancon to Le Grand-Bornand
Tue 7-Aug Semnoz, Revard, Saisies and la Colombiere
Wed 8-Aug Le Grand-Bornand to Briancon
Thu 9-Aug Izoard, Vars & Allos
Fri 10-Aug Briancon to Macon
Sat 11-Aug Macon to Laon
Sun 12-Aug Laon to Bewdley

Route Maps


Le Grand-Bornand via Valenciennes and Besancon

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Semnoz, Revard, Saisies and la Colombiere

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Heading home by way of Macon and Laon

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