Jaufen Pass (aka Passo di Monte Giovo) – 2,094m

Location: SS44 Sterzing to Sankt Leonhard (23 miles)

Coordinates: 46.8396754,11.3217972

Ridden: 2009

The most northerly pass entirely in Italy. Exiting the Autostrada at Sterzing we headed for the pass. It was reasonably tight towards the bottom but then opened up into a fast and flowing road, with some great views once you cleared the tree line for the last few miles to the summit. Descending, the road is quite open and hugs the side of the mountain again giving great views over the Val Passiria which leads south to Merano and north to the Timmelsjoch. As it drops below the tree line the road tightens up but not too much for comfort. The road surface was pretty good all the way.