Passo di Valles – 2,032m

Location: SP81 Passo di Rolle to Falcade Alto (9 miles)

Coordinates: 46.3386368,11.8006008

Ridden: 2009

This was the 10th pass in our 18 passes in a day ride – preceded by Passo di Rolle and followed by Passo di San Pellegrino. A couple of miles below the Rolle towards Predazzo is a right turn up the Passo di Valles. The road is quiet and runs along side a mountain stream. It is extremely pretty, nice to ride, and the road flows nicely through woods before it emerges above the tree line at the top of the pass. The run down towards Falcade is nice too, with only a couple of hairpins to interrupt your flow. Before you turn off towards Falcade, the road bears to the left and the San Pellegrino starts.