Coll de Espina – 1,407m

Route: N260 & N230 Castejon de Sos to Vielha (41 miles)

Coordinates: 42.4644832,0.620574

Ridden: 2007 & 2011

This is a quiet, well-surfaced and attractive road situated on the N260 between Castejon de Sos and the junction with the N230 to the east. The summit is next to, and scarcely separate from, the Coll de Fadas however neither summit is particularly recogniseable as such. Whilst not of anything like the quality of the N260 between Sort and Adrall it is pleasant enough although the gorge below Castejon (Congosto de Ventamillo) is really spectacular. When you get to the junction with the N230 turn left for Vielha.