Col de Marie Blanque – 1,035m

Route: N294 Escot to Bielle (13 miles)

Coordinates: 43.0705151,-0.5075508

Ridden: 2007 & 2011

This col links the two roads that lead to Col du Somport and Col du Pourtalet. Situated on the D918 between Escot and Bielle, the road is more suited to the cycling fraternity than the biking fraternity. It made its Tour debut in 1978 and has made more than a dozen appearances since then. It’s tight, twisty and steep with stretches of a poor road surface. It’s a bit lke the curate’s egg – good in parts – but it’s main attraction is that you can get from the Somport to the Pourtalet or vice versa in the shortest possible time.