Pyrenees July 2011: Bewdley to Plymouth

Bewdley to Plymouth – 192 miles

The tour started with a meet at Kyle’s house in Bewdley with his wife Kay kindly providing tea and bacon sandwiches. Then, on time, Phil, Gaz, Kyle, Cat and Taj headed for the M5 and the run down to the services at Brent Knoll where they met Andy who lived a few miles away near Axbridge.

Then it was back on the M5 and A38 for an uneventful run down to Plymouth and the Plymouth to Santander ferry operated by Brittany Ferries.

We had taken the precaution of making sure we booked the Pont Aven, not the Cap Finisterre which does the Santander run from Portsmouth . The Pont Aven has a very good restaurant on board, unlike the Cap Finisterre which just microwaves everything.

We got on board and Phil and Andy were straight up to the restaurant to join the queue to book a table for dinner – you need to book such is the restaurant’s popularity. Luckily although they queued for an hour there was an open bar by the queue so they were able to

Table booked it was time to get out of the biking gear into civvies and into the bar for a few sherbets before dinner. Taj had suffered his second trauma of the tour by mislaying his one and only key to his FireBlade. He’d already suffered the first when he bent down to check something on Gaz’s bike and managed to burn his forehead on Gaz’s exhaust. These weren’t the only traumas he was to suffer on this tour.

After a few beers it was time for dinner and then a few more beers in the bar. At some point in the evening Phil, Andy and Gaz headed for their respective cabins as did Cat, Kyle and Taj. However the latter three, their thought processes impaired by alcohol, thought it would be a good idea to wake Gaz up as they suspected him of having filched Taj’s missing key. There were two flaws in their plan. First, Gaz hadn’t filched the key – Taj had dropped it in the on board shop where it had been picked up and handed in to Reception from where he retrieved it the following morning – and, secondly, having woken Gaz up, they couldn’t find their way back to their cabin. Eventually they managed to get back and get some sleep.

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